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I'm a video maker, creative director and a visual multi-media artist from Tel - Aviv, Israel. 

From a very young age I was fascinated with the magic and creative possibilities in video making.

I soon realized I'm a visual thinker.

I made my way by trying and exploring every aspect of video making, from shooting, editing,

directing, compositing and even art directing. I like creating a new world for the viewer,

a new reality.

About My Work

For the last 10+ years I've been involved in video making in various roles of the profession. I started my way at Tel Aviv University in film and television studies and then became a freelance video director and editor.

I've created promotional videos, promos, music videos, video art for theatre and more.


My latest Work

In 2016 I joined one of Dori Media's digital channels as an editor and after 6 month became a channel manager, creative director and director of a children YouTube brand with millions of views every month and fans worldwide. 

Afterwards I went to pursuit my passion for compositing and worked as a compositor in the Emmy winner children TV show The Muppet Babies.

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